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Entah.. Inda kediaku tahan.. Entah, entah, entah.. =(.. Q'

Dec 9, 2009

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By Voize on 01 Dec 2009 at 12:04am

Kuala Lumpur, November 30 – The VIMA 2010 nominee list was revealed last night after 3 months of hype, and once again, produced a big bag of surprises.

The 2nd annual Malaysian Independent music awards brought together a strange flock of bedroom DJ’s, college acts, indie superstars, genre bending collaborations and even independent acts of different nationalities.

Last year’s big winner, hip-hopper Altimet, and rising R&B act James Baum both bagged 6 nominations each. But even they were outshined by the rockers, Deja Voodoo Spells, who led the field with 9 nominations including their role as part of the indie supergroup, The M.A.D project, featuring Melissa Indot on vocals and Altimet providing the rap bits.

1. Best Pop Category

Best Pop Song

Prema Yin – Eyo-Eyo

Dennis Lau-Diversify

Adi Rani – Sudah.enough

Juju- Remember

Feez Madea-Fly

Enoch cosmic-My Christmas


Elvira –Simple Love

Amanda Imani-Selamilah cinta

James Baum – Soldier

Best Pop Group


Joanna & Co

Apple Juice


Magabu & The White Shoes

Mage Era
Best Pop Vocalist
Adi Rani



Mia Palencia

Amanda Imani

Rashdan Harith

2.Best Female Vocalist (Over-All)

Lenny Lysandra

Mia Palencia

Prema Yin


Amanda Imani

Sam Siren (Karacoma)

“VIMA is like the alternate universe for music awards. It’s a platform where rules are often bent and broken, and where the spirit of creativity and true talent is fleshed out. Its an award show like no other, with eccentric awards title (Best Song to Play At a Campfire and To Do Away With Monday Morning Blues/ Most Mindboggling Genre Bender), an informal awards event where anything goesand it doesnt matter what race, nationality or language package the independent acts come in. It’s a place where formal criteria is booted out and everyone is united by one common passion -Music! That’s why VIMA 2010 has garnered so much global interest” said Siva Chandran, Managing Editor, Voize.my and the founder of VIMA and AVIMA.

“We are stunned by the list of nominees, and this time we even have an eclectic showcase of acts who hail from Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak and artistes singing in Chinese and Tamil notching nominations in the major categories.” added Siva.

3.Best Rock Category

Best Rock Song

Bunkface- Revolusi

Deja Voodoo Spells – The enemy in me

The Poseidon Connection (feat Kraft) – Life is a Demo

M.A.D.Project – Change

Hujan – Sangkar Besi Dihatiku

Inverted Coma – Miracles

Deserters – Easier Said Than Sung

Crush – Blinded

O-Two – Mr.Koma

Karacoma - I.K.T.S

Best Rock Group



Hui Se Di Dai

Deja Voodoo Spells



I Mean The Snakes

Iris Band

One Buck Short


Best Rock Vocalist

Prema Yin

Sam Siren (Karacoma)

Rithan (Deja Voodoo Spells)

Sam (Bunkface)

Cliff Hugh Joseph (Crush)

Kevin (Broken Scar)

The nominees for VIMA 2010 will now enter the second stage of judging of which 30% of the scores will be determined by a public voting poll and 70% of the remaining score determined by in judges comprising celebrities, media, industry experts and selected home based judges from the general public.The public voting poll will be launched on December 3rd, 2010 and can be accessed from the microsite at www.voize.my.

Also unveiled in the list were the 7 new inductees into the VIMA 2010 Independent Music Hall Of Fame – Dato Sri Shazalli Ramly, Paul Moss, Jasmine Low, Issa Rodriguez, Too Phat, Clair Vanessa Rozells and Junk Magazine. The Hall of Fame awards are given out to individuals and media who have played a vital role in supporting and championing the independent music scene over the many years. Previous inductees include Ahmad Izham Omar, Jake Abdullah, Jason Lo and OAG.

3. Best Hip-Hop Category

Best Hip-Hop Song

Altimet & Ning Baizura – Mimpi

Micbandits- Cantik Rupamu

Micwrecka – I need To Speak (DJ Fuzz Remix)


Young Stunna (feat James baum and Half eyez)- Rain dance

KiD (feat Andy) – Hustle Alone

Soundcircus – Jamalo

Alexander The Phatos- Walk On By

SSK feat sipanitera and Dizzy&The – Chenta

Kraft (feat Mia Palencia)- Diamonds

Best Hip-Hop Solo
Jin Hackman





Young stunna

Best Hip-Hop Group




A2 Brothazz

Alexander The Phatos


4. Best Dance Category

Best Dance Song

Sasi the Don (feat Dr.Alban) – Music In me

James Baum feat Too Dope and Mc Rishi – Mess Around

Illmatika – Carz (Nicky C Remix)

Dylan & Puvan ft. Matilda Radge a.k.a. The Mystery Kitten- Jokkaneh Figureh

Jerome Kugan – Tomas (Transient Vortex Remix)

Andrew LD – To The Stars

Best Dance Act


Andrew LD

Nicky C

Transient Vortex



VIMA 2010 is organized by Voize.my, a leading Asian lifestyle and entertainment website. The awards is expected to be held on January 17th 2010 at a soon to be announced venue. VIMA 2010 is supported by POP TV, 8TV, Hitz.fm, X fm, The Sun, Newman Magazine, Cleo Magazine, Stage Magazine, Yeah Magazine, Malaysian Today, TIS, Joomcool,com, Kokoasia, Friedchillies.com, Arcis communications, Bimbit.com, Malaysiakini and Youth Entrepreneurs of Malaysia (YEM).

Winners of the major categories of VIMA 2010 also gain automatic qualification to the Asia-Pacific Independent Music awards, AVIMA 2010. AVIMA is dubbed as The World’s Biggest Independent Music awards in the world and is expected to attract more than 3000 independent acts from 25 countries including Australia and New Zealand.

Best Dance Dj (Club)


Double D

Nicky C


Joey G

DJ Biggie

5. Best Remix

Transient Vortex – (Jerome Kugan-Tomas Drum n Bass Remix)

DJayPee (Madonna-miles away remix)

Sasi The Don – Music In Me (D’navigator remix)

Micwrecka – I Need to speak (DJ Fuzz remix)

Illmatika –Carz (Nicky C remix)

Transient Vortex – (James Baum -Locked In Love Remix)

6. Best Collaboration

Sasi The Don & Dr. Alban-Music In Me

The Poseidon Connection feat Kraft- Life is a demo

MK, Atilia & Calvin – Ore Malaysia

Melissa Indot, Altimet & Deja Voodoo Spells (M.A.D Project) -Change

James Baum feat Too Dope and Mc Rishi- Mess Around

Dylan & Puvan ft. Matilda Radge a.k.a. The Mystery Kitten- Jokkaneh Figureh
7. Best Instrumental

Akasha – Irish Joget

Akasha – Ants in My Turban

Phoenyx – Alien Love

Deja Voodoo Spells – Road Trip Jam

Dennis Lau – Prelude in F minor

NAO – Movement

8. Most Mindboggling- Genre Bender

Alexander the Phatos – Hey Mama

Dennis Lau – Diversify

Melissa Indot, Altimet & Deja Voodoo Spells (M.A.D Project) -Change

Dylan & Puvan ft. Matilda Radge a.k.a. The Mystery Kitten- Jokkaneh Figureh

Neuyabe- Dandelion

Akasha – Ants in My Turban

9. Best Song To Play At Camp Fire and To Do Away With Monday Morning Blues


Crush-Senyum Indah

Neuyabe-Autumn ode

Mia Palencia- Call Waiting

Enoch Cosmic – My Christmas

Akasha – Bombay Bossanova
10. Best College Act

Esty Raphaelle

Rosevelt Band

A Ruthless Cleansing

An Honest Mistake

Jonah Sithole

A2 Brothazz
11. Best Guitar “Goreng” Riff

Inverted Coma – Nudist Song

Deja Voodoo Spells –Billie Jean

Screw Peas –Its all about the screwpeas

Crush – Sabo

Karacoma – Paranoia


12. Best Producer

Boy Radge & Matilda Radge -Jokkaneh Figureh

MK – Ore Malaysia

Yuri Wong – Diversify

Rithan – Enemy In Me

Greg Henderson – Irish Joget For Sitar Ganjeera and Tenor Ukulele

Zalee – Hustle Alone (KiD feat Andy)

13. Most Mind-Blowing Music Video

Hujan – Mencari Konklusi

Estranged – Aurora

Prema Yin – Eyo Eyo

Micbandits (Brunei) – Cantik Rupamu

O-TWO – Mr Koma

Frequency Cannon – Rise Above
14. Best Chinese Act

Mage Era

Hui Se Di Dai


Red & Qing



15. Smoothest R&B Act



James Baum

Andi A Merican



16. Sunshiny-Smiley-Feelgood Song

Joanna & Co – Aku Pelangi


Melissa Indot – I cant smile without you


An Honest mistake – This song is so random

Andrew Ld – I want to box my friend

17. Most Electrifying-Exciting-Exhilarating LIVE Act



The Revenge





Dato Sri Shazalli Ramly

Jasmine Low

Paul Moss

Too Phat

Junk Magazine

Clair Vanessa Rozells

Issa Rodriguez

Taken from : http://voize.my/music/vima-2010-nominees

Nov 29, 2009


Sukan~.. Awal ani, kediaku kan ceta pasal kediaku & sukan.. Inda kira biskita mau membaca atau inda, kediaku mau cetakan jua.. Hehehe..

Kediaku pemandai main bola sepak, futsal, volleyball, basketball, badminton, main video game, main guli, kediaku pun pernah main gatah, dan yang sewaktu dengan nya.. Inda plg handal sangat, tapi bolehlah.. Congkah pun kediaku pandai main.. ;p.. Sport yang paling kediaku suka, VOLLEYBALL.. Thanks to Malik yang mengenalkan sukan ani arah kediaku.. Siuk kalau pandai main volleyball ah.. Spike!! Spike!! Spike!! Iatah ganya yang kediaku rabuti tu.. And, mun rasa kan menampar org, iatah sukan yang paling sesuai ni.. Seriously, mun pandai spike, nyanyat!!
Bola sepak di padang sama main futsal, mana yang kediaku lebih gemari?? Erm.. Kediaku suka futsal.. Pasal inda luan jauh belari.. Hahaha.. Dalam dewan lagi.. Atu pun kalau kamu main futsal dalam dewan.. Sekian dulu untuk kali ani.. Maju sukan untuk Negara.. =).. Aight..


Hari berganti hari.. Inda terasa masa berlalu macam atu saja.. Terlalu pantas.. Payah kan di uyung.. Masa ani kediaku sudah kaja.. 2 in 1.. Erm.. Ngalih?? Yes!! Memang mengalih.. Kadang-kadang tidur dalam 4 jam saja.. Ada yang cakap kediaku makin kurus.. Ada yang kata, “inda kau makan kah?”.. Banyak lagi org cakap pasal badan kediaku kurus.. Well, siapa jua suruh kaja 2 buting.. Selagi tani mampu untuk berusaha, selagi atu tah tani buat yang terbaik untuk hidup kitani ani kan..

Sejarah kaja kediaku bermula lapas kediaku dari belajar dari Maktab Duli.. Kediaku pernah kaja di AyamKu Restaurant di Serusop.. 3 hari saja kediaku kaja di sana.. Bukan pasal inda tahan, tapi kediaku dapat offer kaja di Baiduri Bank Card Centre di Kiarong.. Mengalih kaja di AyamKu Restaurant atu.. Respect kediaku yang kaja arah fast food ah.. Rasa kan menangis pun ada masa kediaku kaja awal-awal atu.. Kana suruh kira ayam, kana suruh memasak, menyuci dapurnya, mengangkat barang-barang dari tingkat 3 ke bawah, etc.. Bangun lagi awal tu.. Akhir balik.. Adui.. Sangal.. Mun akhir datang seminit, pun kana potong gaji.. Cuba biskita bayangkan, bukan plg kediaku kan memandang rendah ni ah.. Tapi ialah, cuba biskita bayangkan, gaji berapa jua saja.. Tapi mun akhir dtg seminit, kana potong tah jua tu gaji atu.. Kesian jua tu.. Tapi kalau di liat dari segi positive nya, ia bulieh mendisiplinkan diri.. Seminit, boleh merubah segalanya.. Satu saat pun boleh mengubah sesuatu..

Lapas kediaku kaja di AyamKu Restaurant, kediaku kaja di Baiduri Bank Card Centre.. Kalau tadi kediaku kaja bepanas, ani kediaku kaja bersajuk.. Tadi kaja di dapur.. Cakap pasal kulit, warna kulit kediaku gelap lah sikit masa dulu atu.. Bilik kediaku nada air cond lah katakan~.. Bukan orang sanang jua bah.. Urang jaih-jaih~.. Kediaku kaja sebagai Visa Account Jr.. 3 bulan kediaku kaja di sana.. Duduk dalam opis saja.. Iatah makin putih kulit kediaku.. Alhamdulillah.. =).. Hikmah.. Masa 3 bulan kediaku kaja atu, kediaku selalu makan arah restaurant di belakang building tempat kediaku kaja atu.. Kediaku selalu makan nasi lemak yang seringgit.. Nasi lemak tahai.. Nyaman!! Sampai anak tauke kadai atu biasa sama kediaku bah.. Hehehe.. cAdik nama pena nya.. Gaji kediaku di sana kira kan ok jua lah untuk permulaan berkecimpung dalam dunia kaja ani..

3 bulan berlalu..

Kediaku dapat offer masuk Institut Teknologi Brunei.. Alhamdulillah..


12.35am - 29.11.09

Sayu hati kediaku masa ani.. Its 12.35am 29.11.2009.. Terkanangkan bermacam-macam hal.. Kenangan lama.. Ani kan bercerita tah kediaku ni.. Biskita baca saja ah kalau kan membaca jua lah tu.. ;p..

Dulu, kediaku pernah mendangani Mulah nini kediaku, Hj Mohammad Bin Bakar (semoga rohnya di cucuri rahmat, amin amin, amin..), sama bapa kediaku, ke laut mengandang udang.. Siuk masa atu kalau kan di ingati.. Merasa jua kediaku ke laut, bepanas, behujan, muntah di tangah-tangah laut pasal hayung laut pun kediaku pernah, makan tengah hari di laut, sakit parut, tidur di lautan, etc.. Macam-macam lah yang kediaku rasai.. Rindu rasanya jua kediaku kan ke saat atu.. Kami ke laut awal pagi tah tu.. Kira-kira pukul 5am, nada lagi di rumah tu.. Kadang-kadang, 4.30am atu pun sudah nada di rumah.. Kan mencari rezeki halal kan.. Kalau kan mencari rezeki yang inda halal, sanang plg, tapi inda jua paidahkan.. Buat apa tah mencari yang haram kalau yang halal boleh di usahakan..

Masa di laut atu, kami pakai perau yang inda beatap.. Iatah terpaksa berada di bawah matahari dari seawal 5am sampai 5pm.. Kadang2 sampai pukul 6pm pun pernah.. Iatah kehidupan yang pernah kediaku lalui tu.. Mungkin ada lain ceta org lain yang lebih teruk daripada kediaku ani kan.. Syukur Alhamdulillah lah jua.. Inda jua luan susah sangat kediaku ani masa dulu, inda jua luan sanang.. Tapi boleh di katakan susah lah kediaku ani masa dulu..

Kalau kan berceta pasal kulit kediaku ani, masa kediaku ke laut atu, hitam & terkubak ni kulit kediaku ah.. Inda plg kalah hitam kulit Dayang Senandung.. No offense.. Hehehe.. Di sekulah kana tagur oleh kawan-kawan, cikgu pun menagurkan kulit kediaku.. Biar tia lah.. Kulit tangan kediaku ani inda lembut mcm masa ani.. Kulit tangan sapa jua lambut kalau mengandang kan..

Alum lagi kediaku cetakan pasal perau bapa kana curi.. Alum wah ah.. ;p.. Kan masa dulu atu, perau kana tinggalkan di tambing saja.. Nada kemudahan untuk membawa perau balik ke rumah.. So, paksa tinggalkan perau di tambing saja.. Lama kami mencari perau atu.. Inda jua kejumpaan.. Bapa paksa bali perau baru.. Erm.. Dugaan hidup tu namanya.. Turun naik kehidupan..

Kadang-kadang masa ke laut, banyak udang belurih.. Kadang-kadang sekilo pun payah-payahan kan belurih.. Kalau belurih katam, pun kami ambil jua.. Di rabus, nyaman tu.. Sia-sia pun.. =).. Satak apa tah lagi.. Balikan tah kediaku kalau biskita baik hati.. Hehehe.. Nyaman tu nya mu kalau di rabus then di cacah sambal belacan.. Fuuuuhhhhhh~.. Fresh lagi..

Bah, adang ah.. Pukul 1.23am dah ni.. Kan tidur kediaku dulu.. Thanks pasal membaca apa yang jari jemari kediaku taip ani..

Nov 28, 2009


Syukur alhamdulillah.. Kediaku masih lagi bernyawa.. Apa kabar biskita?? Ok?? Sihat?? Kalau kurang sihat, jangan lupa makan ubat ah.. Jangan jua luan di turuti sakit biskita atu.. Kalau masih mampu, lawan sakit biskita atu ah..

Nada plg yang special sangat yang kediaku kongsikan ni.. Tapi saja kan menaip-naip.. Apa yang terlintas di fikiran kediaku, iatah yang kediaku taip tu..

Masa ani kediaku sambil-sambil menaip-naip ani, kediaku meliat Berita Brunei 11.30am.. Kediaku dgr ERA FM jua.. Saiful Apek & Mie onair masa kediaku mendangar dorg atu.. FYI: Kediaku balum mandi ni.. Tengah hari ani kediaku and family kan jalan ke rumah Addy pasal family dorg jemput my family ke sana sempena Hari Raya Aidiladha..

Bah, akhir dah ni.. Nanti tah kediaku update lagi.. Kediaku kan mandi dulu.. Hehehe.. =).. Q'


Assalamualaikum & salam sejahtera untuk semua..

Lama dah kediaku inda update kediaku punya blog ani.. Mcm2 ceta yang kan kediaku cetakan tapi mcm nada masa kan membuat.. Bukan nada masa, tapi MALAS kali.. =)..

Ani ceta kediaku kemarin (27.11.09 - Juma'at)..

Paginya kediaku bangun pukul 8am.. Lapas atu jogging sama Addy.. Siuk jogging pagi-pagi atu.. Keluar paluh olehnya.. Love it!!

Then ptg nya, 2pm-6pm kediaku onair di PELANGI FM.. Thanks untuk semua pendengar yang mendangar kediaku kemarin.. Thanks people.. =).. Jangan jara ah.. Inda terasa, setahun dah rupanya kediaku di Pelangi FM.. Baru setahun jagung.. Banyak lagi yang perlu kediaku pelajari..

Lapas saja kediaku duty, tarus kediaku ke Mall Gadong meliat wayang.. Bukan sebuting, tapi 2 wayang yang kediaku liat.. Kediaku meliat wayang sama dorg Addy, Joy & Zee.. Awal-awal kami meliat Ninja Assasin.. Pelakon utamanya, Bi Rain.. SIUK!! Cetanya siuk.. Mungkin pasal kediaku suka ninja atu jua kali.. Kediaku bagi 9/10 lah untuk cetanya atu.. Best~.. Ninja Assasin 7.35pm-9.10pm.. 9.20pm-11.30pm, kami pindah wayang.. Kami meliat ceta New Moon.. Borong eh.. Inda banyak action.. Nasib baik jua kediaku inda tertidur dalam wayang.. Hehehe.. Abis saja wayang, tarus balik ke rumah, tdo luan lalah..

Atu ceta kediaku kemarin.. =)..

Btw, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha untuk semua umat Islam di mana jua awda berada.. =).. Berkorban lah demi kebaikan.. InsyaAllah.. Q'

Oct 20, 2009


When I Take a long time to finish,
I am slow,
When my boss takes a long time,
he is thorough.

When I don't do it,
I am lazy,
When my boss does not do it,
he is busy.

When I do something without being told,
I am trying to be smart,
When my boss does the same,
he takes the initiative.

When I please my boss,
I am apple polishing,
When my boss pleases his boss,
He is cooperating.

When I make a mistake,
I' am an idiot.
When my boss makes a mistake,
He's only human.

When I am out of the office,
I am wondering around.
When my boss is out of the office,
He's on business.

When I am on a day off sick,
I am always sick.
When my boss is a day off sick,
He must be very ill.

When I apply for leave,
I must be going for an interview .
When my boss applies for leave,
it's because he's overworked.

When I do good,
My boss never remembers,
When I do wrong,
He never forgets.

What to do ???


Hari ani, kitani umat Islam di Brunei Darussalam last day menyambut hari kemenangan kitani, Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin.. Semoga tani semua akan bertemu dengan Ramadhan & Syawal yang akan datang.. Amin.. Mudahan umur tani panjang, badan tani sihat walafiat & yang baik akan berterusan.. Amin Amin Amin.. =)..

Di kesempatan ani jua, kediaku kan minta maaf arah biskita semua.. Mana tau kediaku ada buat kesalahan atau kesilapan yang sengaja atau yang inda kediaku sedari.. Maafkan kediaku.. Kediaku pun insan biasa saja.. Manusia yang punya hati dan perasaan.. Kediaku susun 10 jari memohon kemaafan dari biskita semua.. Umur ani, tani sendiri inda tau.. Tapi mudah2an saja di panjangkan.. Amin Amin Amin.. =)..

Kalau biskita ada buat dosa arah kediaku pun, kediaku maafkan.. Sama2 tah tani saling bermaafan.. Ok.. =).. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir & Batin.. =)..

Sep 27, 2009




DALAM usaha menyelamatkan diri daripada ditenggelami banjir, penduduk memberanikan diri menyusuri wayar elektrik, manakala yang lain terpaksa meredah air di paras tengkuk selepas Taufan Tropika Ketsana melanda timur Manila, sejak semalam. - Foto Reuters

(Sep 27, 2009 12:34 pm )

Taken from : http://www.bharian.com.my/

Sep 21, 2009



Maafkan segala dosa kediaku sama ada sengaja ataupun inda.. Enjoy the eve people.. =).. Q'

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